Wreak Havoc Film Buffs

The Wreak Havoc guys have their very own podcast to discuss movies. 

Hosted by Sammie Cassell and Dan Sellers, the Wreak Havoc Film Buffs Podcast discusses a wide variety of movies, from ACTION-comedies to WESTERNS and everything in between. This show is released every other week and frequently features filmmaking guests.


For the fifth anniversary of the Wreak Havoc Film Buffs Podcast, Dan & Sammie discuss the 2011 American version of the Stieg Larsson best-seller, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."    


Sammie & Dan discuss the 30 year old Christmas classic, John Hughes, family comedy (without the family), Home Alone


Morgan Freeman guest hosts the fifth volume of the Celebrity Call-In's special!  Sammie talks to everyone from Jack Nicholson to Michael Caine.