Carolina Haints Book

Carolina  haints  Book


We've signed a book deal with Schiffer Publishing and we expect the book entitled "Carolina Haints: Ghosts, Folklore and Mysteries of the Old North State" to be published by summer 2021.   

North Carolina has a rich history of storytelling and storytelling is deeply rooted in its people.  At our podcast, Carolina Haints, we understand this connection and want to continue its tradition for both its long-past and present day.  So far we’ve brought you three seasons of colorful and atmospheric storytelling and we’ve barely scratched the surface. The Carolina Haints Podcast is a show about ghost stories, folklore legends, and unexplained mysteries but it’s also an exploration into our dark history and true crime.  In other words, there’s more that haunts us than just ghost stories.


With the support and encouragement from our listeners, we’ve decided to compile our favorite North Carolina tales into a book! The Carolina Haints Book will expand on the research material written for the show with research we’re currently conducting. We’ll share these stories and legends and tell you what it’s like to visit these places. In order to bring these stories to life, we’re going out to the places and speaking with folks who bring life to these stories through their first-hand accounts.