Carolina Haints

Carolina  haints

Brought to you by Wreak Havoc Productions   in association with A Darker World “The Carolina Haints Podcast” is a show about ghost stories, folklore legends, unexplained mysteries, dark history and true crime in the Carolinas.  The Carolina Haints Podcast is Researched & Written by Jeffrey Cochran and Produced & Hosted by Dan Sellers..

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Randy Bradley, Developer


This episode covers the darker and lesser known history of aviation in North Carolina, namely the incident that nearly obliterated the town of Goldsboro.  

Randy Bradley, Developer


The mountains of North Carolina hold the secrets to many historical mysteries and Native American legends including the power of The Blowing Rock and the Little People of Hickory Nut Gorge.  


A century old mystery about a commercial vessel whose crew disappeared without a trace, the remains of which washed up onto the Diamond Shoals.

Randy Bradley, Developer
Randy Bradley, Developer


This episode covers the multitude of Pteranodon sightings in the Tarheel state.    


This episode tells the legends surrounding Taps and explores the ghostly tales surrounding Fort Monroe.  

Randy Bradley, Developer