WREAK HAVOC PRODUCTIONS, LLC is a small, independent film production company owned and operated by filmmakers Dan Sellers and Sammie Cassell.

While this production company started as a hobby, the goal is to turn Wreak Havoc Productions, LLC into a thriving business by producing quality short and feature-length films, and other creative endeavors. We’ve produced and released both award-winning feature films and shorts, and have several films in various stages of production.

Wreak Havoc produces and hosts two podcasts and manage an international horror film festival.  This production company operates out of Greensboro, North Carolina.


Dan and Sammie WHHFF, September 2019


 -Cast & Crew of Midnight Shift


"I've always been a creative person and the need to make something and put it out there has always been a strong motivator."



Recording Wreak Havoc Film Buffs


Filming Uncle Otto's Truck


Sammie promoting literacy with his love of comic books

"I  discovered I have a knack or acting and producing and I am the type of person who likes to be the very best at whatever I do so I work hard and use every opportunity as a learning experience.

It keeps me entertained too. I feel creative but in a different way than Dan which makes us a good fit."